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2018 trends: the love-hate game

Updated: Feb 17, 2019

Hey lovely!

This week we’ve been super excited to see London Fashion Week kick off and from what we’ve seen so far, it certainly kicked off with a bang!

We simply can’t wait to see the rest of this year’s autumn /winter trends, but as we all look forward to adding new pieces to our wardrobes, it’s time to get rid of the old and make room for the new. Keep reading as we spill the tea on the top 2018 trends that we’re still here for, and others that don’t make the cut in 2019.

Top 3 trends we hate

The head-to-toe animal print look

It may be a jungle for us women in the work place but it is time to scale back on the head-to-toe snakeskin and leopard print outfits. We are, however, definitely guilty of loving animal print pieces (faux of course!) such as snakeskin bags or leopard print shirts when incorporated carefully.

Cut-out details

We’re sure there won’t be many ladies missing this trend. We all know there’s a thin line between a sexy reveal and a mismatched reveal and far too many designers missed the mark in 2018. Cut out details are a big no-no for us in 2019… girl, bye.

PVC fashion

PVA bags and shoes were cute for 24 hours, but now it’s 8760 hours later (a whole damn year) and we are definitely ready to part ways. Wearing sweaty, plastic heels cannot be good for our toes – worse yet, they surely must get unsanitary at some point #letourtoesbreathe.

Top 3 trends we love

Power suits

Now this is a must have for any forward-thinking 2019 babe. This statement outfit, traditionally masculine, is chic, bold and empowering. The power suit is versatile and is the perfect work to party outfit. Whether it’s oversized, colourful or tailored, be sure to have one in your wardrobe this year!

Velvet clothing

Velvet pieces are back again here to stay it seems! For the 3rd autumn in a row, 2018 saw many designer styles filter through to the high street and have made us fall in love with all things velvet. The luxurious, soft fabric whispers sweet elegance in our ears and is perfect for any occasion. We loved this trend so that we featured a velvet dress in our last collection (check out our Maya dress) but we equally love the velvet mini bags and crop tops we’ve seen around. Top tip: make sure the piece you buy is made from quality velvet as that’s where the glam lies. Lushh.

Statement accessories

From cross body bags to shoulder-teasing earrings, 2018 was all about glamming up your outfit with something that says ‘pow!’. Effortless glam is big at Tenacitat, so we spent less time fretting over outfit combinations and more time channelling our inner RiRi with a pair of matrix glasses. More time to grow the empire in 2019 we say.

So, how about you? Which 2018 trends have you already started pushing aside and which ones are you ready to slay with in 2019?

Comment below, drop us a line by email ( or let us know on Instagram (@tenacitat)!

Till next time,

Team Tenacitat xx

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